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"Laboring" or "Deep in the dungeons of Mordor..."

Yesterday at work they had a company wide meeting and let most of us go home early. We are on the cusp of doing our final, final, no really, this time for sure delivery so it was really nice to head out. There was a nod and a tip of the cap to the people who were involved with the final push but as soon as I could find where Wulfie had roamed we were out of there.

I got home and decided since it *WAS* Labor Day weekend I should do some serious laboring. I cleaned my kitchen cleaned my fridge (inside and out and yikes was that all manners of gross!) mopped the floor, started pushing ALL my laundry, cleaned the bathroom, organized my medicine cabinet, tidied up my living room, cleaned my own bedroom and dusted the whole house.

At the end of the night I felt *WOO HOO PRODUCTIVE!* It's SUCH a good feeling going to bed to a clean house in clean sheets in clean pajamas and waking up to said clean house.


So, today continuing with my theme of laboring I have now come down to my sisters. Several weeks ago there was a family party of "Let's get this old behemoth furnace out of the basement to clear room for a much smaller newer one and give Suzanne space as her business is growing exponentially."
This ancient HEAVY furnace was literally beaten apart and we hauled out piece by piece to take to the dump. My dad and Bill also took out a wall from 1940 which opened up the room considerably. However pretty much since that point poor Suzanne has been too busy to do much else in there except stack more boxes.

Part of the room had been painted this dim limey green...that has faded and greyed with decades of time and dust. With a few lone lightbulbs swinging the walls glow an eerie pale light. A little spooky actually. With the old furnace gone and the wall taken out the room IS less dungeon like than it was before though. But it IS filthy. There is dirt and grime in there that is over 50 years old.

I had to do some massive reorganizing...remember those little puzzle games where one piece is missing and you have to slide the pieces around to eventually solve the picture? It's like THAT. I did clear most of the room out and swept and swept and swept and vacuumed and vacuumed and vacuumed. I even swept and vacuumed the ceiling with all the various vents and ducts and wires and had cascades of dust and cobwebs and startled spiders fall upon me.

Mighty Sam has actually been huge help. He's been all chatty telling me about school and has been very good about carrying garbage outside and stacking various boxes. He has also been very good company.

When all had been swept and vacuumed I then started mopping the floor and YEEEUUUCCCHHH. The first swipe of the mop on the floor and dipped back into the bucket the water went instantly black. I knew it was bad but that was still somewhat startling. I suspect we will have to do quite a few turns mopping...that room DID use to house an old coal burning furnace before it got retrofitted with the old cast iron gas one that we pulled out a few weeks ago.

Honestly it's been a lot of fun though. It's really rewarding trying to get some order out of the chaos and I know this massive push will be appreciated and extremely helpful. The ultimate plan is for us to get that room painted, shelves put in and eventually it will become Suzanne's inventory room.

I'm really proud of my sister...she has worked SO hard with this business, (The Good Mama) and it's wonderful seeing how it's going but I also know how incredibly busy she is. Between running a business and house, a husband and 4 kids...talking with my mom about it she pointed out that Suzanne doesn't seem to have time to "sharpen her saw." (Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.)

She doesn't have time to do the organization that will give her more time. This weekend I do. :)
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