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"New doings & new userpic" or "Curse you Red Baron!"

It's been a good couple of weeks.  Had a delightful checkup with my doctor last week.  For the record (mostly mine) it's been roughly 6 years since my last oh so thorough checkup.  I say delightful because the doctor had a good sense of humor, she laughed at my quips, she had posters on the ceiling, "Oooh, starry night!  Good choice!" and had a good bedside manner. 
It was not delightful in that I had to have a tetanus shot, blood taken, my bits poked and prodded and two moles sliced off.  I was sore for days after and I still have sticky tape marks on my stomach where I was all taped up.  She was horrified by the mole on my stomach...and truthfully it DID look really awful...but I did explain to her a lot of it was because when I was a kid I used to stick pins through it.

Between the doctor, the dentist and the vet Beowulf and I should be taken care of for at least a little bit.  Actually the last few years Beowulf has had better and more regular care than I have but that's been my own darn fault.

Actually now that I think about it, it's been about two and a half years since my eyes were checked.  Sigh.  One more thing.


Here at Smartbomb we are wrapping up on one project and while I've still gone in and done some jiggering on some animation on it, I'm pretty much done with one and transitioning to the other one.  I'm MUCH more excited about the other one than I have been about the current game.  Hard to believe we've been on it for almost a year now.  Bleah.


Had a delightful lunch yesterday with wyckhurst, gigiss, beisbeis, gaterbuoy and the rest of Gig's family.  (minus bunge who is, among other things, starting college and catsitting.)  It was wonderful to see them and gigiss and I talked a little shop and got some good advice/conversation about freelancing.  "They make you believe it's a big scary world out there and you can't make it without them.  Then you go and wonder why you didn't do it years ago."  Things to ponder and strive for.

They were in town dropping off beisbeis to start at BYU.  They seemed to be doing all right though I suspect many tears for Gig's family on the way home. 

Looking back as an adult and not a 15 year old  I wonder how my parents felt sending my oldest brother off on his mission.  I suspect there were tears but there was also a sense of relief.  I remember when I went on my mission...seeing my parents all weepy made ME all weepy. 

Going off to Sheridan was so hectic (my mom drove me to the airport but I realized I had left my passport on the kitchen table so I had to race home and get it and race back to the airport and made it on the plane by the skin of my teeth)  there wasn't much time for tears.
My mom did get a little sniffley when I graduated and packed up my room to move to Seattle...but there weren't any tears at all when I moved home and then moved back out again.  ;)  Relief again, doncha know.


I have started my own story for Scrivener's Toves.  Something a little different for me.  I am writing a ghost story more or less inspired by the catacombs of my former high school.  I am hearing reports from fellow contributers about their various stages of progress and I'm excited for their progress and this project in general.

I've also started a project for About Comics.  No official pages yet...just working on nailing some character designs and getting them down so I don't have to contantly be checking the original material to make sure I'm drawing things right.  I'm really excited about this particular project.


Hit the gym yesterday and again this morning.  Rrarr!  I rule!
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