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"Christmas Wranglings" or "This year's Sibling Who has Who List"

Attention Atwood kids.  With Lawrence's wedding we now have a new member to our Christmas rotation (Welcome,  Annette!) With her now in the rotation we've had to do some finangling to the list but have come up with the following. 


Bill    (sighted)                                      Jett (jatg)
Mark (fallenpegasus)                            Bill  (sighted)
Lisa  (clymerchick)                                Brent
Sooze  (wyckhurst)                                Lawrence  (pheonix_jade)
Jett      (jatg)                                        Annette  (hearts_treasure)
Brent                                                                          Mark  (fallenpegasus)
Lawrence  (pheonix_jade)                    Lisa  (clymerchick)
Annette    (hearts_treasure)                Sooze  (wyckhurst)
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