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It has been a wearying week.

Off to the dentist where I am cheerfully told I have a cavity. I make an appointment for Friday and head in to work.
I make an appointment for Beowulf for the vet...and they can take him today. So, that afternoon, off we go to the vet. With my much erranding I stay late at work. I really don't feel well.

Work. I am getting more and more concerned about my bladder. I am having to go more and more often and it is also increasing in pain. My lower back is getting a perpetual ache and that night I have chills.

Work. Feeling worse.
I go a panel I've wanted to go to at the Sunstone symposium...but the entire first two hours are people introducing themselves and telling their stories. I have to head back to work before the actual meet of the session starts. ARGH.

Back at work, things hit the excruciating level. I can't sit still there is so much discomfort and I am having to race to the bathroom every 15 minutes...only to have nothing come out. I call and make a doctors appointment for the first thing in the morning and race home to spend most of the evening sitting miserably in the bathroom.
That night I look on the internet and research a bit more on bladder infections. The checklist includes backpain and chills...which can indicate it's gone to your kidneys.

Thursday morning I go to the doctor very first thing. The receptionist scares me silly telling me my appointment was THE DAY BEFORE AT 7:45. I freak out for a second wondering what I'm going to do...and then remember, HEY, I MADE THAT APPOINTMENT YESTERDAY AFTERNOON!
They check, oops, some receptionist screwed up and so sneak me in.
After checking my urine, yep...bladder infection and I've got the happy fun signs of a kidney infection. He loads me up with meds and tells me to drink lots of water and take it easy.
I head to Farmington and let my momma coddle me.
I have a hard core crash until 1 or so where I wake up in time for lunch (zucchini and fresh tomatoes.)
I am taking another nap when I hear my mom on the phone asking when Reenie's funeral is.


Reenie is my mom's childhood friend. Every story I ever heard about my mom's childhood involves Reenie. In many respects she was more of a sister to my mom than her sisters...her next oldest sibling being 9 years older than her.

I felt so bad for my mom. She had told me Reenie had been sick a week or so ago...she couldn't get her on the phone so she had written her a letter. She wasn't sure when the funeral was but would likely be next week.
She has mentioned before about another childhood friend whose funeral she had missed and how much she had regretted not being able to make it. I told her that Lisa and I could hold down the fort in F'ton while she went to the funeral.
Still waiting on hearing about that. I hope she goes. I think she would feel even more regret not making Reenies.


I then had to go back to the Sunstone symposium. I was part of a panel on Mormon humor. Being the primary cartoonist for Sunstone Dan had asked me if I would be on the panel back in May.
The meds seemed to have kicked in by this point helping me feel good enough to be able to sit during the panel.

I had thought the moderator would be asking each of us a few questions but instead right before we got started he asked us if we had our individual spiels ready.

Fortunately Dan and I had selected a few cartoons I could show on an overhead but I had nothing prepared beyond that.

I kicked into ad lib mode and it went very, very well. I showed them the cartoons I had done explaining the reasoning for each one... "Sometimes I get ideas at church..." and then showed a few. "Sometimes my dad gives me an idea."

Anyway, I was really on...the crowd was really primed and when I finished I felt like a rock star. :)


I headed to the airport Thursday evening to pick up Lisa who had been housesitting for her parents. It was nice to have her back. Comic Con felt like a very long time ago.


My urine has turned the most amazing color of orange. It's like flaming orange dye!

Still not feeling up to par and my doctor DID say to take it easy the next few days so I stayed home again. That felt great.

Later that day I had to go back to the dentist...that cavity, remember? Monday felt like a long, long time ago by this point. We decided along with the cavity to take care of while I was numb to just remove the silver/mercury amalgam out of 3 of my teeth and replace it with white.

It was a long, long time in the chair but they let Lisa in there to hold my hand. Lisa tells me her dentist hires massage therapists to come and give people hand massages whlie he has to really work on them because it relaxes them and gives them something else to concentrate on.

It was really helpful for me. There were some times I felt like I was dozing off.

Today we had to wake up early and head down south to help remove a behometh furnace from Soozie's basement. It has given her a whole new room and for lunch she bought us Subway and fresh watermelon.

I don't know what's going on with me now...but I am tired and achy and inexplicably grumpy and feeling sick enough I am nursing a sprite.

Part of me is wondering if it's the new mercury in my system. Now I am researching mercury detox and freaking out a little.

I am so tired of feeling sick.


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Aug. 12th, 2007 05:14 am (UTC)
Yogurt. The antibiotics for the sinus infection killed all the good bacteria in the body - hence the bladder infection. My youngest is susceptible to it too. Only problem with her is she doesn't have the symptoms until it is full blown - i.e. it doesn't hurt her to pee. The first symptom we get is the 104 degree fever. So I try to remember the cycle of antibiotics and make sure she gets yogurt or acidophilus powder snuck into her milk.
Aug. 12th, 2007 05:54 am (UTC)
I'm real sorry you're feeling like hell. I've never had a UTI, but I've taken care of hundreds of patients (literally) who've had them.

UTIs are a big deal... with the elderly, they can be deadly. A UTI is what took my grandpa from living independently in his 70s to being an incontinent old man, muttering incoherently and pissing on himself, in a matter of weeks.

The antibiotics aren't easy on your system either. Your body recognizes that they're not supposed to be there, and your liver and kidneys kick into overdrive, trying to filter them out. That's why you have to keep taking them... to keep the level up. (The orange pee is most likely a side effect of the antibiotics, I'm betting... Are you on Rifampin, perhaps?)

Meanwhile, the antibiotics start killing off the good bacteria in your system. Your GI tract doesn't operate quite as well with them on board. You might even start getting diarrhea as your internal ecosystem gets out of balance. (The suggestion of live culture yogurt is a very good one to get things back in-kilter)

I think it's totally stupid that we're still using mercury for dental work... like we're stuck in Medieval times. And it freaks me out that they use Mercury as a preservative (under pseudonyms like Thimerosol) in the inoculations they give my daughters. Detoxing from mercury isn't an easy process. And if you wanna really get freaked out, look up where the phrase, "Mad as a hatter" came from.

But I'll betcha dollars to donuts that mercury isn't your problem. I'd suggest you get rest, drink lots and lots and lots of fluids, (water and maybe cranberry juice if you can) and find something to occupy yourself.

I think it's pretty cool that you're involved with the Sunstone Symposium.
Aug. 12th, 2007 09:13 pm (UTC)

Your comments were very helpful. Nobody mentioned to me diarrhea so when my innards went all slippy yesterday and continue without abatement today I have a better idea what is going on.

The orange pee apparently is brought on by an over the counter the doctor recommended to help deal with the discomfort.

I've started eating yogurt which will hopefully help my gut as I go through the antibiotics regimine. 4 more days to go. Sigh.
Aug. 14th, 2007 09:32 pm (UTC)
Not my dentist. Some other guy I heard about. But, it sounds like a good idea.
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