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"Voy al medico!" or "Does THIS hurt...?"

I'm up and about OTD heading to the doctor yet again.

"Weren't you just there with a sinus infection?"

Yes. Yes I was.

Now it appears it's the other end with a bladder infection that, if I'm reading the symptoms right could be worse than I thought. It was a fitful night last night with my back aching and cold and chills and getting up every half hour to wincingly pee. Always fun.

I used to never get sick and now it seems this whole summer I have been combating one thing or another.

What with the dentist and vet on Monday and the doctor today and the dentist again tomorrow (wheeeEEEEeeee) this has been a "take care of Jett" week.

Hopefully the doctor can give me something pretty powerful straight out of the gate today. I'm supposed to be part of a Sunstone panel talking about Mormon humor...and I can't sit there squirming and getting up to race to the bathroom every 15 minutes, y'know?

On the plus side of things Lisa flies back in tonight. Yaaaaay!

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