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Well, gentle readers, The Shoveler is NOT done, but I'm feeling much better today about it than I was a few nights ago.
The sink or swim learning curve on Final Cut Express is going pretty well. The interface is similar enough to Premiere I'm not totally dying though I may have to pick up a users manual tonight at Barnes and Noble providing not too spendy. I've plunked down enough money on this project as it is!

Maybe it's the manipulative swellings of Patrick Doyle's "Much Ado About Nothing," maybe it's a really good session with my El Libro de Mormon this morning but I find myself feeling energetic and optimistic about a whole lot of things.

Dream a little dream...

Had a dream last night, the likes of which I haven't had for a while. I had them at Sheridan all the time and they reoccurred in Seattle when a close friend informed me she no longer had any interest in continuing a friendship but never one this bad.
I dreamed of loose teeth. Specifically MINE. I was standing in front of a mirror, reaching in with my hand to wiggle the tooth and the whole top right molars came out in one merged snaggled chunk. I stared at the white mess in my hand. I worried because I knew it was not going to be a simple fix. It was not just ONE was a major loss. I felt the holes with my tongue, feeling the abcess and tasting the tang of light blood. I felt sick. I knew I didn't have money for the dentist to fix this and even if I did, things would never be the same. I was grateful it wasn't my front teeth because then I couldn't hide this loss, these holes from anybody.

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