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"Strange, strange dreams" or "Hold on, it's NOT YOUR TURN!"

I had a bizarre dream last night/this morning:

Among other things I was a student in a school.  I heard a large crowd and much commotion in a side classroom.  I poked my head in and saw the room full of a bunch of swaggering jocks and bystanders as some teenage boy was being raped by the jocks.  I saw him from the back and they had put a yellow "Swiss Miss" type of wig on him.  Everyone was standing around and cheering.

Horrified by this I raced to find a teacher only to realize how ineffectual she was going to be (in my dream it was my layout teacher from 1st year of art school and she was very nice but not much of an authority figure.) and the situation I had put myself in.

By the time we'd gotten back I realized the whole thing had broken up, everyone was going to deny the whole thing and everyone was going to know I was the one who had ratted them out.  (I had no regrets about it, I was just trying to think what to do about the situation next.)

So in my dream as I was going about school I was constantly being anonymously hit and thwacked and harassed until I finally caught a few of them at it and did a bit of a throw down, using what I had been studying in karate and forcing them to "tap out."  A few of them tried to take me at the same time but I snarled at them that one had to hold off it WASN'T HIS TURN.  He looked a little sheepish and stepped back and let me start tackling his buddy.

The boys I had to fight started young and small and got older and older as I went through the ranks of guys who wanted a piece of me.  (what's interesting is in my dream I never saw the kid who was being raped wasn't a pressing issue...the focus of my dream was what to do about all these guys who wanted to beat me up.)

Initially it was easy but I started getting more nervous as the boys started getting older and a lot stronger then me.

I woke up before I had to spar the last guy.
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