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"McCloud!" or "Meeting comic heroes"

I got to meet Scott McCloud this weekend which was pretty great.  Even more great was there wasn't too big and crazy a crowd at Night Flight Comics so I had a decent conversation with him and then spent the next several hours chatting with his wife and his oldest daughter both of whom are sheer delights.  They made me promise to track them down at ComicCon which I'm planning on doing.

We chatted a little bit about the concept/psychology behind 24 hour comics, about his most recent work "Creating Comics," about his outfit (I asked him if he felt pressure to wear it when he was out...he does, he feels by this point it's his uniform as well as initially he drew it thinking it as a jacket...but then seeing fans "dressing as Scott McCloud" and realizing they were intrepreting it as a flannel shirt.  I confess I always thought it was plaid flannel myself.)
We talked a little bit about Utah...(HOT!) places they'd seen so far on their trip, whose idea the trip was (Ivy's idea!) who had been doing most of the driving (she had been...he's not allowed to drive.)  I also got him to sign a few books (woo hoo!)

We talked about their kids, (astonishingly bright and articulate...I couldn't believe I was talking to a 14 year old!) Neil Gaiman is one of her youngest daughters "fairy godfathers," (his idea.)  We talked Veronica Mars, Ugly Betty, Heroes, what comics to read.  It was just a pleasant, pleasant afternoon. Y'all should be terribly jealous.

Unfortunately then Lisa and I went home and CRASHED.  We both haven't been feeling sick has been ongoing the last 3 weeks with much waxing and waning and Lisa hasn't felt well the whole week she's been here.  I coughed so much on Saturday and Sunday that today my abs and sides hurt.  If I cough now it feels like my torso is being pummelled all at once.  COUGH.  *OW!*
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