Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Rat vs Robot" or "Pixar FTW!"

It's really not fair to compare the two...except they're both CG animated films but I saw Ratatouille as well as Transformers this last week...and one is a masterpiece that when it finishs you sit back and sigh a contented happy smile.  The other you want to fall over exhausted but grateful the steamy pile of film has quit flickering across your eyelids and the loud poundy noises have stopped. 

I can't think of a movie I enjoyed more than Ratatouille for a very long time.  It was ... near perfection.  A fun original story with original fun characters (SO beautifully designed. )  that you CARED for.  No fart jokes.  No winking at the audience with "aren't we clever" pop culture references.  Visuals that made you literally drool.  A climax that made you laugh and cry.
Even if you watched it just for the effects... Remy's fur you wanted to stroke.  He had invisible hairs on his shell pink ears that only showed when he was backlit.  The rock wall by the Siene river you wanted to run your finger along it and feel the cool dampness.  Collette's knives were SHARP.  Linguini trying to shove his bicycle into his ratty apartment was hilarous.  You could SMELL the food. A critic that embodies every critic on the planet.

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have Transformers.

The last time I despised a movie as much as I did Transformers goes back to oh...maybe Batman and Robin.  What a loud, obnoxious, bombastic, trite, grotesque, loud, ugly, stupid and moronic pile of garbage.  I mean, serious complete and utter crap.  And LONG!  The whole time I sat fidgeting in my seat and looking at my watch.  It just kept going on and on and on...and whenever you thought it couldn't get worse, it did.  And louder.  And with LOUDERFASTERMOVETHECAMERAMORE cuts.  I can't even explain what complete and utter drek this movie was.
When your main character doesn't show up for like the first hour and is relegated to exposition to another character who later gets to say, "I won't surrender the OneSpark to you Megatron!"  I mean gouge your eyeballs out BAAAAD.

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