Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Reporting In" or "10 Things"

1. My laptop officially died last week.  Just in time for my birthday but right now my bank account is disagreeing.  Another month or so and maybe I'll be able to spring for a new one.  My old one was over 5 years old...and considering the age and how much I did on it as well as the travel, in people years it would have been a wobbly, doddering old lady.
Why yes, I am looking/lusting after a new MacBook Pro.  Mmmmm...

2. Lisa is on the road right now driving to Utah to spend her summer. Woo hoo!

3. BJ's premiere was terrific and I need to write a good report on the Chicago trip except I feel awkward doing long entries at work and that's the only computer access i have.  A lot of fun was had, a lot of great pictures were snapped.

My friend Bryce snapped this picture just behind my left ear as we were staring into the "Bean" in Millenium Park.  I think it's awesome.

4. Today the #4 is holding somebody's spot in the iPhone line.

5. Tomorrow Lisa and I will be taking Henry off (finally) for his Big Fun Day.  We plan to hit the zoo and Color Me Mine.  I love doing the Big Fun Days but I dread the driving.  Driving DOWN to get them, back UP to the zoo, back DOWN for home and then UP so *I* can go home.  YIKES.

6. I need to head to the North Country to pick up Beowulf and give him another summer trim.

7. Went to the gym on my birthday and nervously got on the scale...and read 168!  YES, I am now out of the 70s and into 60s land.  So far this year i've peeled off 32 lbs.  Considering it's the end of June, that's a pretty healthy loss.

8. Speaking of numbers, it's 100 degrees outside.

9. I finally watched the first season of Veronica Mars...and all I can say is HOW COME I HAVEN'T BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW THIS WAS FREAKIN' TERRIFIC!!!!

10. With that said, I don't like Logan OR Duncan.  Logan=JERK  Duncan=BORING.

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