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I am not pleased.

So my laptop appears to have been majorly messed and after all day of fiddling with it the Mac technician finally gave up and we reinstalled the OSX. I guess in some ways I should feel pleased that it wasn't some "Oh, you idiot, you forgot to do THIS,"fixed in 5 minutes kind of error. I would have felt dumb. It turns out it was something rather spectacular.

However I think I would have preferred to feel dumb instead of having to now go through my entire laptop and reconfigure all the programs, find aliases, reload some software and, oh boy, I hope this NEXT one is fixable...ALL my entires in ALL my MacJournals appear to be gone!!!

This last one chills my blood. There is simply too much...too much of ME on those to be gone. Thoughts, ramblings,stories, projects, downloaded emails, at least a YEAR of yahoo conversations, many of which have great repeatability all gone.
Tomorrow morning I will be making a frantic call to the guy. We didn't actually DELETE anything...they HAVE to be there somewhere!
To lose something like that in a fire or other disaster is one thing...I simply refuse to have them vanish into cyberspace.

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