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"Naked Tuesday in Review" or "Look at the and plump..."

I've been in the process of getting my portfolio in shape.  Revising my demo reel, updating my resume...and today I sifted through Naked Tuesdays of Tuesdays past and put together a sampling of my figure drawing.  Though I'd post if for my adoring fans who, like me, have missed Naked Tuesday.

The Men:

Most of these drawings are just 5 to 10 minute gestures though the one in the upper corner was actually a 20 minute piece.    I have longer pieces but for an animation job we mostly like to see gestures.

The Women:

You'll note this is a far more eclectic sampling of drawings...mostly because our female models far outweighed the times we had male models.  I like this set, everything from ink and a brush to conte to scribbling on a brown paper bag.  I think they feel nice and loose but structurally sound.


What do you think sirs?
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