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"5 days later" or "Health report"

It's been 5 days since I officially came off the cleanse...and I still feel terrific.  The weight HASN'T been coming back on...if anything the scale seems to keep dropping.  I'm adopting the mentality my sister suggested...I'm still on a's just a different phase and I'm only eating healthy food.  Nobody ever got fat eating too many fruits and vegetables, y'know?

Breakfast for instance was an apple and a little bit of cottage cheese and a whole lotta water.  Lunch I had some carrots...and my first attempt at meat.  I grilled some chicken strips and am now paying careful attention at how they sit.

I find I have been paying a lot more attention to how my body feels and reacts since doing this.  Eating too much makes me SLEEPY.

I did an awful lot of walking over the weekend (yay for Yellowstone, more on that later) but I hit the gym this morning.  25 hard core minutes on the Elliptical Trainer made for a good way to start the day.

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