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"Coo coo cha EW!" or "This is the sound when doves cry"

I called Wulfie in this evening...and in a minute or so I saw him trotting happily to me from across the street. This already is unusual, he rarely crosses the street. He really was moving fast...and then I saw he had something rather LARGE in his mouth.

I had this dawning horror as I realized he had AN ADULT BIRD...and when he got close to me he proudly lay it down at my feet. It was flopping and I picked it up and saw that IT WAS A DOVE.

I don't know if Wulfie actually caught it or if it was already injured and he proudly brought it back to me. He's brought the occassional baby bird and once a live mouse...but he hasn't caught anything in YEARS.

I picked the poor thing up and realized along with the flapping it was bleeding profusely... It lay there bleeding and I turned it over to assess the damage...I saw one deep puncture... it didn't look like it had been mauled or played with or anything...and then it flurried its wings and splattered blood ALL OVER ME!!!

I was equally grossed out and feeling so hard for the poor thing...and just went limp and died in my bloody hands.


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