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"Cleanse" or "Day 6 Report"

I've felt really weak today. Kind of a shock since the previous days I've felt quite good and enjoying a really high energy level. It started pretty well...I made it to the gym and did a mile and a half on the elliptical trainer... not much I know...but I was already starting to feel a little wiped.

My favorite part of the gym though was the weigh in. I have dropped another pound. That makes 7 pounds so far. I FEEL so much better which is the reason I'm doing this...but seeing the scale # go down is a terrific perk.

I halved my salt water flush today to see how that felt. That is *the* hardest part of this cleanse. I had read that some people halved their SWF and it worked for them but sadly it didn't seem to do much for it. There wasn't really a FLUSH at all. Okay, tomorrow, full dose.

I spent most of the day at wyckhurst's. We have been doing the cleanse together. We both had a rather weak day today but it was good to spend the day in the company of someone I can chat with about it and compare notes.


A few questions I've gotten during the course of this. As my sister says, I am not google but I'll tackle a few that have come my way.

Q: How long am I doing this for?
A: 10 days plus 4 or 5 days properly coming off it. Some people have been known to go as far as 40 days doing this. I can easily see how people can do that...the biggest hassle is the SWF and boredom. I haven't been HUNGRY per se...but the same thing over and over gets dull.

Q: What is this cleanse exactly?
A: It's been called the lemonade diet or master cleanse. You can find a lot of really good information here:

Q: What am I going to do after?
A: One doesn't do this for a period of time and then go have a steak dinner. You have to carefully prep your system back to having solid food again. Once I'm there I plan on eating as clean as I possibly can. A lot of fruits and vegetables and lean meat. You are what you eat and I want to be made of healthy stuff.
I've been pretty good this year but I need to step it up a notch. No more one a day Dr. Pepper habit and I need to plan my meals better.

Any others?


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May. 20th, 2007 05:08 pm (UTC)
Off topic but peripherally connected
You had informed your loyal readers that you were using your laptop in the restroom.
What type of laptop do you have?
I am thinking of getting a MacBook (white), and was wondering if you have any thoughts you would like to share on laptops or MacBooks.
Thank you,
May. 21st, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Off topic but peripherally connected
I have a little iBook that's running on almost 5 years. Terrific little machine but it's starting to show its age. I highly recommend macs. They JUST WORK.
May. 22nd, 2007 01:12 am (UTC)
Re: Off topic but peripherally connected
Ahh. Thank you.
This report is much the same as everyone else's ideas on the subject.
I am a lucky person to have so many knowledgable individuals around me.
I shall join the cult of Mac.
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