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So I'm puttering around my apartment. I feel like the character from "Getting Started." You do everything you can to stall the actual moment of getting to work. Hmmm. Maybe I should check on the cat. Did I wash that glass? Let me spend a half hour trying to find the right CD.

Saw Under the Tuscan Sun last night.

I wasn't too keen on it and in fact didn't have plans to. I wanted to get home and start drawing again. However, the parking Nazi's hadn't gone home yet so I settled in the theater to watch the first half hour or so and then try to leave again.
I stayed the whole time. What a wonderful, wonderful film!

I'm trying to think on what to nitpick about this movie and I can't think of a one. It makes me want to learn Italian. It really makes me think that once in my lifetime I should go visit Italy. It makes me think of choices made and unmade. It makes me want to be less afraid of making the wrong one. It makes me want to appreciate my own `supporting cast' even more.

Nothing blows up...except for Diane Lane who gives a phenomenal performance of a 35 year old writer/professor whose idylic life is completely taken away from her. Her husband has been having an affair, they get a divorce and he winds up with the house. I'm not spoiling find all this out within first 10 minutes. The question is, what to do after your life ends and your heart keeps on beating?

It sounds like it's filled with a lot of pathos, and it is but not overwhelmingly so. The supporting cast is great, especially Sandra Oh who steals several scenes with some wonderfully funny lines. Everyone successfully avoids being obviously cliche characters. I just let everyone wash over me instead of trying to figure out where the plot was going.

It's beautifully shot, and as I said before, it makes me want to go breathe Italy.

But not today.

Today I need to animate.

But go see the film. This is why movies should be made.

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