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"Constant Craving" or "Hot cookies & red licorice"

I've been trying to embrace my cravings as they come.  As each one comes to me I imagine that I'm accepting it...and then passing it through me.  Sounds weird but it seems to be working.

So far today I've been thinking of red licorice (mostly because it's in the back room.)  When I went to make my second batch of lemonade for a split second I wondered if I could blend a stick or two into the drink.  HAHAHA.  "Will it BLEND?"

I'm wondering if the weather is prompting my cookie craving.  It's gusty and dark outside with splatters of rain.  Thinking about hot oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies sounds so yummy.  I'm thinking how the chocolate is all melted and sticky and how warm and sweet the oats and raisins feel in my mouth.  Mmmm...

...I think I put too much syrup in this batch.  Will cut back the next one.
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