Jett (jatg) wrote,

The Cleanse: Start of Day IV

Strange vivid dreams last night.  Everything from designing a cart ride around an old amusement park to a time traveling couch to a cat with it's fur sloughing off to beating up a man who wanted uh...take liberties with was a pretty wild night. 

(Actually the dream where I beat up the guy was pretty awesome.  It was so detailed...initially I was frozen as he came up and then I thought that I was taking all these defense classes and I should really defend myself.  I elbowed him in the nose and kneed him several times before dropping him on his stomach and twisting his arms behind his back and then calling 911.  Awesome.)

I woke up a little before 5 with my guts in their typical twist and spent a half hour or so sitting on the toilet doing stretches and breathing exercises.  More solid stuff which...really grosses me out since I haven't had anything solid since Sunday evening.  Hellooooo Thursday.

I just finished my SWF...and yuck.  Hopefully it'll blow itself out soon because I can't really eat for an hour or so after drinking it.  GAH.

I have a slight headache and feel a bit weak but otherwise, I'm doing pretty well.  I FEEL clean...well, except for my mouth.  It's white and coated no matter how much I brush.  Yay for cinnamon toothpaste to give me some other flavor!
Tags: cleanse

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