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"The Report" or "Golden Stating"

Part I: The Drive

The drive to San Francisco was interesting. We hit every conceivable type of weather...from bright spring morning weather to light rain to heavy rain to sleet to hot, hot desert to a full fledged snowstorm over the Sierra Nevadas and we ended with a hot, slightly muggy summer evening in San Francisco.

It was a lovely drive though. I have made many wisecracks at how hideous the drive ugly and boring Nevada is...and the instant you cross over to California it's suddenly beautiful...but y'know...Nevada has some strangely beautiful desolate scenes. The skies were mesmerizing and even the starkness of the desert decorated with sagebrush that reminds me of the top of a old yarn tied quilt was beautiful.

I couldn't help but be reminded of the last time I made that emotionally wracking it was...and how ultimately I felt liberated...cleansed from years of anger and frustration. II noted landmarks as we ate away the miles...I glanced at a viewpoint we had stopped at up the Sierras ... and remembered how a big gold moon was rising to my left as the sun was setting to my right as we blew past Sacramento.

No emotional journeys this time...just pleasant, pleasant company, a lot of singing, a lot of discussion and a whole lotta sunflower seeds. It's not a road trip for me without those and a lot of Dr. Pepper. Lisa made a half hearted effort to guilt me about the sunflower seeds but honestly, while I know I'm going to bloat up like Spongebob Squarepants, it was totally worth it. I love em...and I really love the regular salted mixed in with a smaller package of ranch flavored sunflower seeds.
I tried to limit myself a LITTLE bit. I only ate them when I drove...but...mmm...I made sure I drove a LOT.

By the time we made it to Lisa's place we were both completly wiped out. I was glad we were at our endpoint for the night. I was glad we weren't trying to continue on to Monterey...which was another 100 miles from Lisa's place.

The next morning I called Lawrence to find out where he was, got the address and after a shower, some breakfast we were on our way to Monterey. Lisa drove her car and I followed in Annette's.


It was great to see Lawrence and Annette. They were nothing but smiles and a few giggles. It was amazing to see just how they acted and felt like a single unit...which...I guess is one of the points of marriage. I was really happy for Lawrence. He got himself a great girl who has a softness that he needs but, as he says, she's also capable of taking care of herself.
I find, even in the week since he's been married I worry about him less. He's got someone there to take care of and to take care of him as well.

When I was at art school, while I wasn't *married* I had two people that I cared about and tried to take care of and they took care of me as well...and they made all the difference. I'm so happy Lawrence has someone there that loves him and is in his corner.

We went out to breakfast/lunch at Chile's. When they mentioned they had been living off the cash people had gifted them with I decided I would be buying them their lunch as well. Hey, I try to be a good sister!

Back at the hotel I made sure everything of ours was out of Annette's car, that they had everything they needed and in a fit of generosity as well as noticing they didn't really have anything to eat I left Lisa's and my box of food with them. I hoped they would appreciate the pita bread as well as the Asparagus/Spinach dip (oh man that stuff is heavenly) as well as the hummus and carrots and crackers. Course, now that I'm home I realize that I also gifted them with my sea salt as well as my peppercorn grinder. D'oh!


We dropped them off with Lawrence asking Annette if she wanted to go look at beds.

Being close to one of Lisa's favorite National Parks we drove down the road a few miles and found ourselves at ... oh, and now I forget the name of the park..but it was, so beautiful. We didn't spend TOO much time there but what we did see was gorgeous. I took pics and I'll post em later...since I left my camera in SF. Whoops!

We were looking over a cliff at the ocean when my cell phone rang.

It was Sylvia giving me the time we were meeting at her place, confirming that Lisa was indeed a vegetarian...and yikes, I realized Lisa and I needed to hit the road like, half hour ago!

We saw a little bit more of the park, saw some sea otters playing (CUUUTE) and then booked it out of there. (Seriously, the place was stunning. I have no words.)

Next: Socializing with the Schoolmates

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