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"10 Things" or "Quick list"

Some awesome things:

1. My little brother and his wife are now safely on their way together as they start their new life together.
2. My oldest brother is safely back in Seattle.
3. Lisa lands in under 2 hours.
4. My room is clean, my laundry is going.
5. I got a raise from Sunstone. Getting a bit more per cartoon. YAAAY.
6. Tomorrow we start road tripping to San Francisco.
7. Spider-Man III comes out tomorrow night.
8. I'm having lunch with some of my best friends from Sheridan Sunday afternoon. How grateful I am for them.
9. The number 9 is off partying like it's 1999.
10. I really, really, really love my family. I am on occassion reminded how generous, compassionate and fun loving everyone is. I am so lucky to belong to these people.

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