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"The Wedding" or "aaaand he's off!"

At Lawrence's missionary farewell my sister leaned over to me as we sat blubbering on the stand and quipped how our tough stalwart Atwood reputation just went out the window.

I felt the same way today, on the verge of tears multiple times during the day. During important times...like during the actual ceremony or cheesy times during the music video portion where they show images of Lawrence growing up and then images of Annette growing up. The music was cheesy and I thought the editing was kind of odd in places ... but...hey effective. I totally blubbered. Such a wuss.


The day was a pleasant affair, the drive up to Logan beautiful, the weather marvelous. Lawrence was handsome in his uniform and his tux, Annette was beautiful in her dress.

The sealing room not overly stuffed with people but had plenty of family and friends. The sealer had this deep sonorous voice that rumbled down and...honestly, made me a whole lot sleepy but I was determined NOT to fall asleep at my baby brother's wedding. HELLOOO.

Course, listening to my sister's stomach rumble took the emotional edge off. Hee hee hee.


I'm really happy Lawrence married such a great girl. They seem well matched and "equally yoked" and she makes a wonderful addition to the family.


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May. 2nd, 2007 05:54 am (UTC)
Ack! And mom told Brent about my noisy stomach too. And honestly I REALLY did eat this morning, normal amounts. Not too much, not too little, ya know? I had one of those yogurt smoothies, and then a little later a raisin bagel. Seriously, I have NO idea what the deal was. O.o

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