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It's going to be a busy week.

I'm up late inking some freelance comic stuff...will be scanning it in, tidying it up and sending it on its way tomorrow evening after karate. THEN off to Farmington where I'll spend the night.

Tuesday morning, early, early, early we head up to Logan to be there for my little brother's wedding.

I've been fine about the whole thing...and I still am. Annette is a great girl and we're happy to have such an awesome addition to the family...but in the last few days I find myself panging a little bit. My baby brother...my birthday present...the one who would wake me up nights before projects were due needing some help (ie: ART) , who sent me goofy tapes on my mission, who used to combine his friends with mine for wild game nights...is getting married and will be starting a family of his own. Forgive the slight tearing of the eye and a bit of a sniff to my nose.

Wednesday will be a lot of erranding and "acts of daily living," because Thursday night I pick up Lisa from the airport. Friday morning, again, early, early we will head to Farmington, drop off Beowulf as well as Friday, pick up Annette's car and trek across the Nevada Desert, over the Sierra Nevadas and into California. Ive driven that drive by myself as well as with company...and boy, with company is always better.

We're hoping we'll have made good enough time to make it into SF and sleep at Lisas that night. Saturday morning I'll drive Annette's car to Monterey with Lisa following me in her car. We'll drop off Annette's car, help Lawrence & Annette unload and then head back to SF. (Me, I'm kind of wanting to see Spider-Man III that night.)

Sunday afternoon we''ll have lunch at one of my classmates...(she and her husband just got a house in Walnut Creek) joined with a few other Sheridan survivors and then that evening Lisa drops me off at the airport where I'll wing my way back to Salt Lake.


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