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"Karate Report" or "Bread n Buttah"

Instead of swords tonight we did sparring. This was fun except for having to take the glasses off. I had to work that much harder when fighting my opponent since really, I'm fighting a brightly colored blur.

The instructor tonight was James Woodson who...apparently was world champion ...a whole lot more than once. I need to get details but he is a sweetheart of a guy and a really fun trainer.

For warmups we had to run to one end of the room, drop down, do a pushup, do a situp and get back up and run in place until the last person is up...then run to the other side of the room and do it again except twice. We went to 10...and then as we were finishing up he said to do 1 more round...but the LAST person done had to do 15 extra pushups. I ran really, really, really hard and crunched them out as hard and fast as I could...and me and this 7 year old kid tied for last...so still had to do 15 pushups. Ah well, it's good for me. The class keeps me humble.

Tonight was a different kind of spar. Usually in class we learn practical how to beat the crap out of your opponent in a dark alley you have stupidly wandered down. Tonight we learned more of a competion spar which is much more about points and CONTROL more than knock your opponent silly. Lots of fun...and still pretty tiring. I was sucking wind pretty hard by the end of the class but, as usual, I left with a crazy endorphin buzz.

I'm noticing my pants are looser. This Is Good.


Speaking of humility, Zach showed me a drawing of Spider-Man he had done and asked for pointers. He usually works us really, really hard in class, but it's for our benefit so I returned the favor. I stressed to him ANATOMY...learn the skeleton, lay the muscles over that. Learn THAT really well and quit worrying about drawing a nice flashy costume. Learn what's going on underneath and the costume just naturally happens.

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