Jett (jatg) wrote,

"10 Things" or "Bits o' random"

1. Yesterday while driving home my odometer hit 77,777.  It was pretty neat.  I wonder what I would have won had I been in Vegas. ;)  Also...for being a 10 year old vehicle, that's pretty decent mileage.  My favorite thing about Friday though...Friday is PAID for.  Sexaaaay.

2. We did krav in my karate class yesterday.  It's been a while since I've been *that close* to throwing up in class. Holy cow and GLAH!!!  When I am about to throw up and the instructor gets in my face and yells "GO GO GO GO GO!!!" it makes me want to specifically throw up on HIM.

3. As previously stated, my cat does NOT like my piano practicing.

4. After achieving a raise last week I was smitten with a sudden bout of "imposter syndrome."

5. This week however, I'm feeling pretty darn good and confident about my stuff.  We've been doing a test lipsync based on some audio I found and it's been a lot of fun.  I won't be able to post it for quite a bit but it's good practice for me and it's been much more interesting than the usual game animation we do.  And you know...I'm pretty good!

6.  I've decided I should post more doodles.  As Willow sez, "It's a doodle.  I do doodle! You do doodle too!"  Heh.  Love Willow.

7.  I should be getting my bike out of storage this week.  Vroom!

8.  Sugar and flour makes me sick and oh so grumpy.

9.  The Iranians have the #9 held hostage.

10.  I smelled someone cutting grass 2 days ago.  LOVE that smell!
Tags: 10 things, karate

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