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"On my knees" and "Parking Lot Pets"

1. Home Porn

My sister is in the process of getting a new business up and running and part of that process is getting a home office set up. She and my dad ripped up some old red shag carpet and found to their delight some beautiful old hardwood floors. Like...crazy gorgeous. Unfortunately around the perimeter of said room they had also painted this hideous puke brown over the top.

The prevailing theory is some previous owners painted along the edges and then put a rug in the center so they didn't bother painting all of the wood. Years later the floor got covered even more by the aforementioned red shag.
My sister said she didn't have time to strip the floors and was instead going to just paint over them with another color. To me, that seemed nigh criminal so I went down early on Friday and convinced her to let me have a go at stripping the brown paint.

Fortunately for me:
1. She was willing to humor me.
2. That paint came up like sexay awesome. It was so unearthing a treasure. It was so neat...waiting just enough time for the paint stripper to loosen and bubble the paint...and then simply slide the scaper along and reveal this gorgeous woodgrain that had been lost for decades. Wonderful, wonderful thing.
3. She made homemade pizza while I was there and that stuff is worth hours on sore knees.
4. I had some big fun with the nieces and nephews as well as hanging out with my sister and her friend ultravoxx.

In short...she now has gorgeous, gorgeous vintage hardwood floors as part of her office. I am pleased. I told Suzanne that I love shows like "Trading Spaces" and "Flip This House" so the opportunity to do some "home porn" renovations really appealed.

2. Pets, Rant About

While I was at Suzanne's her neighbor came up to me and asked me if my parents would be interested in another kitten. A brown point siamese kitten to be precise. Their renter's cat had just had kittens and since my parents had rescued two cats from the neighborhood...? Um, no. I told them two cats was enough for my parents. I was really annoyed. My parents weren't LOOKING and saying, "Well gee...we want a cat...this one'll do." They adopted Edward and Gracie because their lives were horrific. Edward and Gracie were both starving...Edward was starting to get beat up as was Gracie. They were acts of compassion and mercy.
Also, my parents are GOOD pet owners. The first thing they did after getting Edward and Gracie home was to call the vet and make an appointment.


The two girls upstairs got a kitten shortly before I moved in. They adopted her from one of their coworkers whose cat had kittens. This annoyed me because I knew the coworker and I thought she was more responsible than that. It's NOT HARD to get your pet fixed people!
I was also annoyed because I had to keep asking them if they had made a vet appointment for their cat. They just adopted it checkup, no shots... and if their cat got sick and gave something to MY can see how irritated I was at the irresponsibility all around.
They finally got their kitten all caught up with her shots...enough time has passed that now they have her fixed and I thought all was well with the world.

When I got home on Saturday though, they were acting really strange. "Hey, we're excited to see you...come upstairs..." Um...okay...
They turned around and had this...little black curly rag in hand. And then it moved and I saw it was a little mini black poodle.
"From where?" I asked.
"In a parking lot," they said.
"What?!" I asked. "Was it lost? Was it abandoned?"
"No..." they told me. "There was a man selling them."

Yes. They bought a puppy from an unknown person in a parking lot who claimed it was a "pure bred mini poodle." And again...I am livid about the irresponsibility all around. No reputable pet breeder sells their animals in a parking lot! They make you go to their place, see the puppies or kittens and basically interview YOU to see if you would be a responsible owner. Responsible pet breeders make sure all shots are current, that the animals aren't over bred, that they are loved and will continue to be loved where they go.

Puppy mill owners over breed dogs, don't keep them healthy, feed them cheap food and don't keep them up with their shots, don't care where the puppies go and sell them to strangers in parking lots.

And the people that BUY them as an impulse buy only encourages this behavior.

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