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"March 13th" or "Pre Pi Day"

I have had a most productive day.

1. Work went well...got a few more motions all polished up and exported into the game engine. That's always satisfying. Tomorrow I do a few more rolls as well as a sprawl and a quick get up. Always good.
The tension there has alieviated somewhat though I am still waiting for my boss to get back to me. It has been 2 weeks since my initial discussion with him. He promised he would get back to me in 48 hours...which turned into a week...and tomorrow will be 2 weeks. I hate having to be a squeaky wheel.

2. The weather has been getting better and better. I've started taking walks on my lunch hour. Not too far..a mile or so. It feels really good. While on my walks I've made a few phone calls.

3. One of the phone calls yesterday was to my mom and I sort of got volunteered to throw a wedding shower for my soon to be new sister in law. This freaked me out a little bit...I can't think the last one I was at and generally I detested the cutsie little party games they would play.
Back at work though I chatted with my sister about it who quickly got on board. I am much more optimistic and looking forward to it now. She and I agreed it was something we wanted to do to help welcome Annette to the family. Just have some things to clear up and some decisions to be made and we're good. Yay for big sisters who know how to throw showers and stuff.

4. Karate

I'm testing for my purple belt tomorrow!

Where I go this is the first intermediate color. No more beginner status for meeee!!!!

Tonight rocked. We learned 3 sparring/grappling techniques and worked them over and over. At the end of class we had a "combat circle." One of us gets put in the middle and everyone else runs around yelling and stuff and people just attack the person in the middle useing those techniques, just BAM BAM BAM...

I was the last person in the circle tonight and let me just say, THAT IS THE BEST FRAKKING WAY TO END AN EVENING!!! I felt so GRRRRRR and YARRRRR... that instead of going home I went to the gym and lifted weights for a while. WHEEE!!!


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Mar. 14th, 2007 10:14 am (UTC)
Tit's on the karate stuff,
late night work outs, beginners
end. You've bragged hard and we've
seen your goods so no textual
instruction to exemplify your
abilities will mean: I wish I
could remember pi. "Eureka!!"
cried the great inventor. Christmas pudding, Christmas pie, is the problem's very center.

#does Jett get two pis each, everyone, or three in '07?
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