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"Update & Lists" or "Progress Report"

It is ridiculously beautiful outside today.  It feels like spring!  The air is warm, the sun feels wonderful on my neck.  I am itching to go outside and remove the dead wood and brambles from the neglected rose buses outside the house where I live.  I'm trying not to overly jump the gun...I know there's probably one or two snowfalls still due and it always manages to freeze after the trees have bloomed...but I'm awfully sick of winter.
(Apologies for the weather gloating to my friends in Canada and the frozen parts of the US.  Global warming my @$$.)

Karate was great last night.  We did a lot of kickboxing...lots of jabs and crosses and hooks.  It's fun working with a partner and establishing a rhythem...one striking, the other holding the pads.  Sensei Evans told me at the end of the night his wife had been watching me and said, "She looks like she's lost fifty pounds!"  "Almost 20."  I replied.  RRARR.  I'm moving a lot better...a lot stronger, a lot more confidently...seeing progress is SUCH a motivator!

So motivating in fact that I made it to the 5:45 spin class this morning!  WHEEEEEE!!! Yay for wobbley legs! :D


Going to see "300" with the coworkers today.  I understand the alternate title was "Manly Torsos Doing Manly Things."

Things to do over the weekend:

1.l Tidy apartment (this includes vacuuming!)
2. Work on my storyboard sequence
3. Work on my animated lipsync scene
4. Work on Olivia's birthday present
5. Go for a long walk.
6. Groom Beowulf.  (warning:  This may involve clippers!)

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