Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Great Day In the Morning!" or "Are you done with the 12s?"

Made it to the gym this morning a bit before 6:00...and I think I may try to start going a little earlier.  Buncha people there and not enough lower weighted free weights!  I mean, honestly...there's a whole wall full of free weights but I think they need more 10s, 12s, 15s and 20 lb weights.  It's not like there really a huge demand for 55 lb dumbbells, y'know?  Oh sure, there's the odd muscle bound ox who slings them around but for some of us mere mortals, it'd be nice to not have to wait for the 12s to free up.  Of course the answer to this problem is get strong enough that 12s do nothing...but in the interim it's kind of irritating.

Yes, today was upper body and it felt wonderful to shred every muscle group.  My arms are still tired.  I'm expecting I'll probably be sore in the morning, but that's a good thing, right?  I wonder how they're going to feel in karate tonight...yeef!
Tags: exercise

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