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"I feel like Gabrielle!" or "Gei whiz!"

Karate was great tonight.

One of the first exercises we did was partner up. One person had to spin around a pad on the floor in order to get as dizzy as possible (ansewr: a LOT) and then attack your partner (who is holding pads.) It's FRAKKING TOUGH!!! I thought I was cheating when I finally grabbed my partner in order to not fall over as I tried to whale on them. Apparently that's a legitimate move...I mean, you do what you can!

I used to never get dizzy. Now one or two spins and I'm trying not to throw up!

Learned some controlling techniques, how to bring a person to the ground and how to "gently" immobilize them. Krav Maga is all about quickly taking a person out. There are times when one does not need to use the most extreme route but does need to know some escape and holding techniques.

Also got to play a bit with the jo staff tonight and learned some of the forms. That was pretty awesome. I quipped, "I feel like Gabrielle!" I also ignored a few of the people in my class who said, "Oh yeah, I watched Xena when I was a kid."


Also, my sensei pulled me aside and gifted me with a gei. The bottoms need to be hemmed but I am delighted. I feel oh so official.

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