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"Tonight/Tomorrow" or "Lists"

Things I did tonight:

1. Spent an hour in the Apple store sighing heavily. Made a new icon on a MacBookPro. Not too bad since I drew it on a trackpad with my finger.
2. Spent an hour at Barnes and Noble doing the same thing. (sighing, not animating!)
3. Did a bit o' shopping. Yay for milk and cheese and a new spice at Target. (Italian seasoning)
4. Blitz cleaned my basement. Yay for a clean kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Also tidied up my studio.
5. Watched way too many episodes of "That 70s Show."
6. Thought about last night's series of dreams. Why is it I got a clean bill of health from the dentist am now I having dreams about teeth and fillings falling out? I also had a dream where I smuggled in a small owl into a movie theater. It was very cute and very fragile. I was worried about it. It was also warm and feathery.

Things to do tomorrow:
1. Wash and clean Friday, inside and out. I own this vehicle now...must keep it nice and clean.
2. Stop by Zim's Crafts. Need to get a few pieces of leather for a project I want to try.
3. Make wyckhurst's cover for her Hipster.
4. Go to work and fix/finesse a few scenes. We've got a build Monday and I don't want anybody waiting on me.
5. Brush Wulfie really good. He's getting a few mats.
6. Finish tidying up my studio.
7. DRAW.

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