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"Update" or "Jett does her `10 things' though really it's only 9' thing again."

All my sibs and my mom seem to have done pretty decent updates today so I thought I would chime in.

1. Work:
Work has been more than a little strenuous this week, what with looming deadlines and a ton of animation to crank out.  I am happy to say that it's actually going reasonably well.  I timed out all my sequences today in what turned out to be a 51 second little movie.  It was good to see it all together and see how it played.  The producers who saw it appeared to like it...though I did think to myself that they WERE producers.
THEIR job is to make sure it's DONE on TIME.  I was talking to BJ about it and mentioned that if I had been working on that sequence for two months and it had the most incredible elegant animation, I probably would have gotten the exact same reaction:  "Looks good."
I do get a week (well, they're telling me Wednesday, which means for my own satisfaction with the sequence, more late nights,) to polish it up.  I think it might be a nice little sequence on my demo reel.  I was joking with the other come we are asked to do FEATURE work...and we're still getting GAME salary?  (Okay...maybe joking, not so much.)

2. Beowulf:
He's been rather yowley in the morning to the point that at times I want to throttle him.  I've started letting him out in the mornings when I go to work and then the roommate upstairs lets him in a little later in the day.  He's very cuddley at night though which is always good.  I need to give him a good brushing.  Getting a little matty in places.

3. Family:
I am hearing rumors and rumors of rumors that there may be a wedding in the family sooner rather that later.  I am startled...and not.

4. Productivity:
Not being as productive this year as much as I had hoped...haven't made any new sketchbooks or quilts or even drawn any cartoons.  Of course, I HAVE been rather busy at work.  I'm making a cover for my sister's `hipster' this weekend though.  That will be fun.

5. Karate:
Oh man, we luvs the karate!  I'm feeling my muscles return which is intoxicating.  Not sure how much weight I've lost so much this month but I feel better than I have in a very long time.  This ties in with...

6. Resolutions:
I have given up dessert this year.  This means candy, cakes, cookies...sweets in general.  I'm purging the sugar out of my system and I'm feeling my energy levels perking up considerably.  I DIDN'T give up soda...mostly because I need SOME vice.  I allow myself one can of diet Dr. Pepper a day.  (some days that goes up, but I'm no where near the crazy levels I had been at.)

7. Faith & Spirituality:
Along with taking care of myself physically, I'm endeavoring to take better care of myself spiritually.  (no quotes from church leaders, please.) This year in church we are studying the New Testament.  I am really enjoying cutting through talks and interpretations of interpretations and who said what about what particular scripture when...and read from the source.
Even if I didn't believe in the divinity of Christ, I am being how powerful and novel his messages were and how relevant they are today:

Forgive your enemies.
Turn the other cheek.
Render unto Caesar what is Caesars.
Preach to the people who need it.
Don't be obnoxious with public righteousness.
Righteous indignation is okay.
The widow's mite is worth a LOT.
Know your scriptures.
Pray always.
No one is above temptation.

There are others but I'm still marinating with these for a while.

8. Today's #8 is out on a work release program.

9. Odds and Ends:
Frank Miller gave an interview with NPR that I must admit rocked my world.  Frank Miller is one of the great comic writers of our time, most famous for "The Dark Knight Returns," which was a watershed even in the history of comics.

10. Utah:
It's Sundance this week.  Thinking I may drive up to Park City tomorrow with a few friends, walk down Main Street and play Spot the Celebrity.  I was telling Bryce if I were SMART I'd have a demo reel I could leave laying about.  One of these years I'd like to make an animated short and submit it.

Utah also is introducing a new licence plate.  Frankly, I think it's ugly.
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