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"Home again" or "Dealings of the Day"


I am finally snugged in my bed, freshly showered with a load of laundry in the dryer. Wulfie is purring and grooming himself at my feet. I sigh and contentedly sip some herbal tea.

I have had a busy day.

I worked from 9 to 6:30, then went off to karate. Tonight we had a grueling cardio warm up, (my personal mantra is "don't throw up...don't throw up...") and then I was in the more advanced group. Sensei Evan's brought his Krav Maga instructor. Hardcore guy. He showed up how to effectively get out of bear hug grabs and disable your opponent. Tough and effective.

After karate I wearily went back to work where I worked more on my animation. The scenes I worked on actually came together pretty well. I could have stayed later but at 11:30 I decided it would be better to attack it in the morning with a good nights sleep.

That is something big I learned at art school. When you are exahusted, something will take you hours and hours. When you are rested you can solve the problem in 10 minutes.

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