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"My doings" or How Jett Works and Plays"

Work has been exceedingly busy. I've been having to lay out several scenes and in order for the game mechanic to work as well as the scripting what was supposed to be 2 scenes turned out to be eight. I still have 9 scenes to lay out tomorrow. What really is starting to frighten me is once they're all laid out THEN we need to ANIMATE them...and that's a LOT of animation to crank out in a week. Needless to say I will be spending Saturday at work for a good long while. Sigh.

Still, no complaints. I love my job. I really like our new producer and despite this particular level going alpha in a mere week, it's been really rewarding.


Karate has been awesome this week. After all the jujitsu on Monday the rest of the week Sensei Evans seems determined to run us ragged. No complaints's funny because I was thinking on Monday I wish I had more of a workout.

Tuesday he wore us to the point that I'm still a little sore from it.

Same tonight...he wears us out and THEN we learn technique and new moves. The idea is, if you learn how to do it accurately when you're exhausted and stressed out you'll be able to perform when you really need it whether you're competing or in an actual combat situation.

Tonight after shredding us (when all was said and done, about 150 pushups were done along with a lot of other burnout exercises,) we learned about chokes and how to get out of them.

He pointed out some of the...more girlie the class (inluding the one I made cry because I scared her,) and talked to them about an aggressive mindset when you really need it. IE...quit being shrinking violets in class! He sort of smirked at me and said, "You don't need to be told that."

What *I* need to work on is control. I'm getting stronger (hooray, I feel my muscles making a return!) but like always...need to keep things accurate and technical and under control.


Came home and watched Charades. It has an AWESOME title sequence, especially in those pre-computer days.

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