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"Old movies" or "3 quickie reviews."

They really don't make movies like they used to. So far on my Netflix list I've watched "Rear Window," "Charade", and now I'm watching "Wait Until Dark."

I had seen Charade before so I knew I would enjoy revisiting it but I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at how utterly enthralling I found Rear Window. I was also struck with how something as simple as Grace Kelly sitting on Jimmy Stewart's lap in the wheelchair and having a conversation between kisses. So much more GAH than the leave nothing to the imagination of current cinema.

And hey Audrey Hepburn is freakin' fanTASTIC in Wait Until Dark.


How embarassing...I TOTALLY screamed/yelled during the climax of the movie. AAAUUGGHHH!!!!

Okay, THAT'S good movie making!!!

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