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"AG NET!" or "Saturday with wyckhurst's kids"

I helped watch wyckhurst's kids at my mom's house the other Saturday.  Suzanne and Bill had a wedding to attend to (Bill's youngest brother is now officially married off.)  It turned out to be a lot of fun.  I brought Wulfie and Sculpy and Mom and Dad had fresh bread and homemade chicken noodle soup (minus the chicken for Sam) coming off.

The kids are a handful but the youngest is a disaster unto herself.  It felt like we were chasing her from one mess to the other.  "Oh NO!  Hazel is in Edward's water!  OH NO!!! Hazel has torn out all the kleenex out of the box!  OH NO!!! HAZEL IS OPENING DRAWERS!!!"


After lunch I broke out the Sculpy.  My job was to warm up the pieces and hand them over to Olivia and Henry and Sam.  Henry spent .2344587 seconds rolling a piece, proclaimed it a rocket and then kept badgering me that it was time to cook it.  Uh...sorry little man...Aunt Jeanette luvs  ya but I'm not using my sculpy for that.

Sam wanted to make a axe head to use in beheading snowmen.  We joked with him that it looked like the slice of a mushroom...or a chef's hat.  I think he is understanding teasing a little bit better or else he was having a good day and cheerfully agreed with us.  Sometimes when we are being silly he has a hard time understanding that we are not serious. 

He also made the cutest little skull...it looked very much like Jack Skellington.  Unfortunately none of my pictures really came out.

You'll please note he still has his quill pen Lisa made him for Christmas along with the sketchbook I made for him. He loves it. He told me he takes special care of it and doesn't take it to school where it can get messed up.


The cutest part of the day came when Suzanne and Bill came back though.  They had to get the kids bathed and ready for the reception that evening.  Apparently a few days earlier JC Penneys was having a sale on suits and Sam BEGGED for one.  Of course Henry had to have one to.  It was adorable and all "bring a tear to your eye" watching them get into their suit and their dad ceremoniously clipping a tie on them.

Sam looked oh so sharp.  I think Mom and Suzanne and I were on the same wavelength watching him adjust his tie in the mirror.  He will be 11 this year.  8 more years and we'll be sending him off on his mission.  All his suit seemed to be missing was a name tag.  YIKES!!!

Henry liked his suit but as always looked a bit more sober about the whole affair...which made him even cuter.


Olivia looked beautiful as well in her new (GREY!) outfit.  Watching her get ready I had a flash of her as a teenager.  It's scary watching how fast they are growing up.  Hopefully I will always be Aunt Jeanette...the best aunt ever! to them.  She's going to be a heartbreaker fo' sho'!

Suzanne forgot Hazel's outfit (said they would make a pit stop at Target!) but did do her hair.  Hazel was more interested in the cell phone!

They left F'ton and I soon left after.  We are in crunch mode at work and so I spent the rest of my Saturday there.  I did get to listen to Showtune Saturday really loud all by myself though. 

So I'm a nerd but you've gotta love the Gypsy soundtrack with Angela Lansbury. Her "Rose's Turn" gives me chills.



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Jan. 16th, 2007 06:32 am (UTC)
S. and H1 look brilliant and grown-up in their suits.

I was going to declare that Miss H2 would never cause mayhem until I saw that photo with the cell phone and thought, instantly, to myself: That little firecracker is a handful, after all!
Jan. 16th, 2007 02:30 pm (UTC)
Sorry I didn't answer you last night. You messaged just as I was heading off to bed but I did rush over to see the pictures as soon as I could.

I was telling Soozy when she was up here that I could already see the missionary in Sam...the suit just magnifies it. I'm SO not thinking about Big H going off on his mission though...that, I just can't take this early in the morning.

Still...little boys in suits....*le sigh*
Jan. 17th, 2007 03:17 am (UTC)
The boys in their suits are too cute! Miss Olivia is lovely, as always. I can't imagine that sweet little toddler being so busy - tee-hee!
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