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"The Shim of the Universe" or "Relationships with God"

I keep returning to the Mormon Stories podcast where Fowler's stages of faith are laid out and discussed and put into a Mormon perspective. It's a concept I keep returning to and assessing where I am in my own spiritual journey. (I would say I'm about a 3.5...or maybe more of a 4 minus .5) All I know is I am questioning things I have never *really* questioned before. Questions are good I think...answers come from questions. Great spiritual leaders became great spiritual leaders by asking questions. I think it is a sin to be here on the earth and be blithely uncurious as to the divine.

I also keep thinking about an off the cuff humorous comment my machinist uncle made. "Someday when we know how God put all this (the universe) together, in some remote corner, we're going to find a shim."

"Shim: A thin, often tapered piece of material, such as wood, stone, or metal, used to fill gaps, make something level, or adjust something to fit properly."

I have found much humor in the comment to the point I've been mulling if I can get a story around the concept. What exactly is God's shim? What if it was a person? What would that mean for the person? Would they know they are a shim. What if it's a concept? What exactly is it that fills in the chinks in the universe?

Today in Relief Society we touched briefly on the purpose of life and the three main questions people ask:

Where did we come from?
Why are we here?
Where are we going?

We also talked a bit about the answers to those questions in conformity with my Mormon tradition: Short version, we lived with God before, we came to Earth to obtain bodies and be tested to see if we would choose good or evil, when we die we are partially judged and await the final judgement where we will be assigned our degree of glory.
Christ is the mediator to help us overcome death and sin.

I like it, it all makes sense, it's elegant, it's succinct. Most imporatnatly it speaks to my soul.

Then there are nagging little details...what about this situation? What about that? What about if this prophet said this and then that prophet said that? How come this never gets discussed? Little chinks...little gaps in the construction.

And like all things constructed, if you don't fill those little cracks and make sure the seams line up, eventually they will come apart and topple.

I cheerfully acknowledge that my knowledge is finite and limited and I don't think we have all the answers whether the questions pertain to science OR religion and where we might perceive gaps are merely information we yet require. Just because we perceive a gap or a flaw in the universal logic of faith...doesn't mean that it actually exists.

But I am contemplating the shim of the universe. I am pondering that perhaps it is one's own personal relationship with Diety however one understands it to be that is the shim.

Our personal relationship with God...holds the plan...holds the universe together...

I shall ponder on this more.

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