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Aren't you...?

It's been an exhausting weekend.
I've had to close the theater 2 nights in a row, making it home at 3:00 and 2:30 am and then had to open the theater this morning. It's frustrating because for the most part we've been rather slow and it's really starting to bug me all the new additional paperwork we've got to wade through. I don't mind work, I don't, but I rather resent work for the SAKE of work. Soon we will be doing reports on our reports.

Saturday evening was the most hard though. I was at the food court getting my usual (Mongolian BBQ) when a young man came up to me wondering if I was MDH's friend. I was a bit surprised but yes, I was, and this guy DID look familiar. And it turns out he was familiar with reason...he was one of MDH's kids at UPS, we all went and saw Matrix Reloaded together...and he had been there that night.

So I got answers to a lot of my questions. I needed to know the timeline. What happened EXACTLY. He was very kind and told me his version of events; things that had happened before, things that happened right then and things that happened after.

I walked back to the theater gallantly trying to hold it in for the evening. The details were hard to hear. Those things happened to my friend. I had to will myself not to feel or I knew I was going to lose it and just sob. It was like losing him all over again.

Some of my co-workers mentioned I looked a little pale and rattled, was I okay, yes I'm fine thanks. I will be anyway. I know he has a good gig, I know he is okay and I believe he is happy but ...the details make me angry.

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