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Bit o' lazy day today. We lazed around the house a bit in the morning...I'm turning into a junkie of Dirty Jobs as well as Mythbusters.

We had to pick Mary up from the airport this morning (she took a shuttle back from Pocatello this morning.) She's heading off to Germany for a 5-6 month stint. I suspect her Real Life is infringing again so she's running away again. Not my problem though and I wish her well.

We had a bit of a get together this evening at her house. My former roommate Suzie came out as well (bringing her guitar as per my request.) It was fun to get "the gang" back together again. I think we'd probably still be at that house if Isabelle hadn't moved in and completely soured the environment. I shot some video of Lisa playing with Suzie's guitar. She claims all her songs come from Veggie Tales Silly Songs. I don't mind. They're pretty funny and she's pretty good.

It's Lisa's last night here. I'm going to miss her tremendously...my place has really come together under her direction. I'm going to feel rather lonely rattling about in this place by myself.

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