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Pretty even day at work today. Did some more animation...(our current project goes Alpha in a week.) In my few moments of downtime I did some tweaks to the cover and got a cartoon done for the next issue of Sunstone.

Later went IN to Sunstone and picked up a check which was actually BIGGER than I thought it was going to be. Always nice. Had a good chat with Dan (the editor at Sunstone.) We talked about the last year, projects for this...we talked a bit more about Fowler's Level's of Faith. That's a concept I keep coming back to. More on that in another post.

I was happy going home and with the $ burning a bit of a hole in my pocket, Lisa suggested a restaurant called "Z."
"Well...it's like Z's Mandarin Buffet or something like that," sez Lisa.

I have always had negative experiences at all you can eat Chinese places...and let's just say, Z...was a Z. I got a bit of salmon that tasted like eraser, some popcorn shimp that tasted like hot mayonaisse and ... some kind of sushi that I hope never to experience again.

Lisa had a better experience but I do not think we will be going there again.

Later went stopped by Old Navy (Lisa got a new jacket.) I got a lamp at Home Depot. It was one I had wanted for a bit...and we got the floor model so it was really reduced. I was disappointed when I got home to find that it didn't work the way I wanted it to...that's what I get for trying to save $20.00. It's SUPPOSED to be touch sensitive with a 3 way lamp...but the touch doesn't work and the light is either on or off. BOO. We're going to take it back tomorrow.

Had a few sundries to pick up Target...(one of which was some ex-lax...I was feeling seriously sick and bloated and I'd just prefer to get this all blown out the other end, knowwhutahmean?) and while there I got gifted with a "Memory Foam Mattress Topper." Let's just say...that extra inch and a half makes all the difference. Just lying here typing my butt is oh so happy. EEEEEE!!!

Lisa finished painting the trim in the bathroom and put it all together. HUH-Freakin'-ZZAH!
I'm going to be very sad and more than a little lonely when she flies back to her Real World on Sunday. I'm sure her students have missed her this week but I've enjoyed having a house maid. ;)

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