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and then I did this...and then I did that...

It's been a while since I realized just how much you can pack in a day.

I did 2 loads of laundry and colored a slew of animation all before 10:00.
I later chatted a little bit with xenologue who had just passed her defense. Like always I am hideously proud of her and her braggability is now completely through the roof.

I had lunch with a former elder from my mission and was rather suprised at just how open and candid we were with each other about what we had been up to upon our return from Washington DC South. It's interesting and it was nice to hear many of my concerns and comments being echoed back at me. There is solidarity.

I then stopped by the theater to say hello to a few of my coworkers. It was dead dog slow (by 3:00 they hadn't sold 200 tickets!) so we had a nice chat by the Guest Desk. I then went and saw the remake of Freaky Friday. I had seen much of it from poking my head in the theater but this was my first time all the way through.

While generally I loathe remakes, this one I thought surpassed the original. The whole `waterskiing' competition at the end of the first one strained credibility too far for a show that already asked a lot of you. Don't get me wrong, I love Jody Foster as much as the next person, but Jamie Lee Curtis really steals the show for the 03 interpretation. The story was tighter with much better set up and payoff and I was DE-lighted to see a small cameo from one of the original actors in the first show.

Marc McClure whose big (and really only) break was as Jimmy Olsen in the Superman movies. Well, there was also the LDS seminary flick. It wasn't quite in the leage of Johnny Lingo, but The Phone Call definitely has it's moments. "I play the bassoon. It's like a balloon with S's."
He ALSO played Boris, the guy that Jody Foster liked in the original FF. Watch for it, but he's the delivery package guy (it wasn't UPS, but it reminded me of them which reminded me of MDH. Sigh,) that appears in Tess's office when she is attempting to answer her phones. It's very brief, but even his name is Boris. Go Marc!

Anyway I went home and while attemption to color more animation wound up having a really good conversation with my older brother. I seem to be having good conversations with family members more and more. I think a lot of it is the result of some books I've been reading and a lot of personal work. Maybe more on THAT later.

Off to Joeys for poker night! more or less I know what beats what but I was never quite sure how the betting worked (and i'm still not quite sure,) but I had a good time and wound up being the big winner of the evening, taking home 3.05. Go me!
We played regular poker, Texas Hold 'Em, Screw Your Neighbor and some other one whose name escapes me at the moment.. the dealer lays down 2 cards and you have to bet whether or not the next card flipped is in the middle of the two. It was Big Fun.

I went home, prepared for a quiet evening of, hey, it was almost 10:00, getting ready for BED maybe? when I got a call telling me we were screening Matchstick Men.

STYLISH movie. Without giving too much away (and some stuff I saw coming a mile away,) it's a movie that feels like it was made in the wrong decade. It's slick, stylish, fun and looks like it belongs in the 60s with movies like Ocean's 11, The Italian Job and Charades. Terrific film and Nicholas Cage is AWESOME in his role. I don't want to talk too much about it until more people have seen it though. Don't want to spoil nothin'. :)

So, yes, quite a day.

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