Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Quick Update" or "10 Things"

1. History of Religion:
Found this utterly fascinating.  I wish they would make one specific for the American continent and US history.
History of Religion

2. Work:
Got asked to do some quick placeholder doodles in a design doc by my art director.  I gave him more than doodles and now it looks like I'm getting to do a lot of CONCEPT ART.  W00t!

Looks like I'm getting thrown into the deep end of the water for rigging.  There's a bunch of stuff that HAS to get done next week and since our primary rigger is deservedly taking the week off...well, I have to think that my best learning curves are when I have immovable deadlines.  This will be a good skill set to really develop.

3. Peanuts:
Sadly, sales of Snoopy aren't what we had all been hoping.  It's sad too since the game has been rated so well.  Go get a copy for Christmas! ;)

4. Freelance:
Doing a bunch of illustrations and cartoons tonight.  I can't retire on it but it should go a long chunky way to finish up paying off my car and my bike.  I may be done 2 months early!

5. Lisa:
She's in town for Christmas and will be spending it with me and my family.  It's been great having her here. 
My mom called yesterday wondering if she could "rent my houseguest" to help her get ready for Christmas so I dropped her off at my folk's this morning.  I called this afternoon and Mom had been putting her to work vacuuming the house, scrubbing floors, dusting and a host of other chores.  I am amused.

6. The New Place:
Things are settling in nicely.  This last weekend I saw this awesome old oak dresser with 9 drawers (with dovetail joints.  I always look because that means quality and now I think of gigiss as well.)  I asked my dad if he would haul it to my place for me.  He asked if I knew what "quid pro quo" meant. return for his hauling services,  I spent some time this last weekend translating pilots logs from Spanish into English.  Pilot and mechanical were not the vocabulary I learned when I spoke Spanish OVER TEN YEARS AGO...but it was fun to do.  It helped when I went over some of my translations with my dad since he knew all the quirks of the plane and since he knew the plane, he had a good idea of what the pilots were saying in the logs with my rough translations.

Last night I spend some time getting the studio portion of my place set up including my animation desk.  It will be a neat little place when I have it all settled.  It is feeling more and more homey though.  It's the first time in a long time where I have felt like I am in my own space...

7. Today Canada is borrowing the #7.

8. Christmas:
Not quite ready.  Got some projects I HAVE to get done.  YIKES!!! Today is the 20th!!!

9. Karate:
Since I have a hella lot of drawing to do AND Lisa to pick up tonight, sadly will not be attending karate tonight.  I am digging the class though...Seriously...LOVE it.  I'm looking forward to hitting it HARD next year especially with the dedicated sparring class.  RRARRR!!!

10. Beowulf:

Oh, he's fat and happy and he loves having Lisa at my place because then he gets to go outside and he doesn't get left alone all day.  Took him with me this morning to the parents place.  I need to trim his nails.  I can hear little snagsnagsnags on the carpet as he walks around. 
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