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"Karate Report" or "BACKHAND!"

Karate was fun tonight. I hadn't gone for a week and a half since I had been shaking off this brutal cough. I figured everyone would appreciate more my being gone rather than present and constantly coughing and wiping my nose and generally spreading my snotty germy mess about.

I'm much better now and going tonight was a real treat.

The third week of every month we do a lot of sparring and this week was no exception. I was proud of myself for remembering to pack my sparring gear but also mentally kicked myself for forgetting to put in my contacts. D'oh! Sparring blind SUCKS!

Lisa arrived here in Salt Lake City on a snowy cold Friday evening and will be here for 3 weeks so I took her with me to karate tonight. Saturday I showed her a bit of jujitsu I had learned and she's totally a natural but I was curious to see how she would do in class. Again, she's totally a natural and it was fun to hold pads for her and vice versa when Sensei Evans put us through a sparring drill.

One of the drills he did was to kill all the lights in the room, have 5 people holding pads, put on extremely loud music and told us to all run around looking at the floor. When he yelled "GO!" we had to quick find a person holding pads and proceed to whale on them until burnout. If you didn't find a person you had to drop to the ground and crank out pushups. Doesn't take long to completely wear you out doing that.

(Lisa is such a fit little machine it's kind of entertaining to see her seriously winded.)

We learned this "stagger" move. Move with your hand (weapon) first and then move your leg/body. You hit with a backhand. Sensei Evans explained it like snapping a towel. Hard and quick and fast to the face. (We hit to the side of the head since everybody was in body pads but if you have to use it as an actual defence aim for the nose.) The other instructor whose name escapes me now explained this move as "bread and butter." Hit em in the face, they go to cover and then they leave their gut exposed.

Later we got in a single file line and the first two people had to spar until one got a clean hit. The one who got the hit stayed in the ring and the next person in line went in.

I hate getting hit in the head ... which sadly seemed to be the order of the day. I got paired against a newbie who clocked me but GOOD in the eye and then a direct hit to my forehead from a much more advanced student. (Getting hit by the advanced student made Sensei Evans mad since advanced students are supposed to have a higher degree of control.)

Sparring a beginning rank is more dangerous since they have no control.

It was tons of fun though and it was really fun having Lisa there. I'm going to enjoy having her here all 3 weeks because that means I have someone to practice with at home.

There's a sparring class that is starting on Mondays after the regular class. I think I'm going to start doing that as well.

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