Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Dreams" or "You're selling WHAT?!"

I had a dream last night that my younger brother was involved with a grave robbing enterprise and selling the parts to various "collectors."  Some were doctors and some were just creepy individuals.  Several people were wasn't just his operation.  He told me how well it paid and I was blown away.  (Interestingly enough in my dream this was a younger incarnation of my brother...more like high school Brent rather than current tattoo artist brother.)

I had stumbled across where he had been deboning various body parts (some in my parents yard!) and trying to preserve others.  To say it was a ghoulish house of horrors was quite an understatement. 

What's interesting is in the dream I caught wind the whole enterprise was about to be busted in huge governmental fashion and he could get thrown away for life.  I was torn between letting him know so he could go into hiding some place or letting him be caught.
Tags: dreams

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