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Early morning ramblings plus cat yowls.

Finally able to post this. Just got my net access back.

I can't sleep and haven't been able to since 2:00. This is bad since I finally dozed off at midnight. I should be exhausted and yet my mind keeps spinning. To give me something to do I've scoured down my little apartment, I'm sure confusing terribly poor Beowulf. This is only fair however, especially lately. When I can sleep, he thinks it is time to whimper and yowl to go outside.
He is NOT allowed outside.
I would give him props for eternal optimism, but I will also have to take them away for his plaintive cries at 5:30 in the morning. He used to do the same thing at my first apartment in Seattle. Now I have the luxury of throwing him out of my bedroom and shutting the door. I am a bad mom that early in the morning.

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