Jett (jatg) wrote,

"'re BUILT for this!" or "Wulfie in Winter"

Snow Wulf

Had more than a little snow dump on us this weekend.  Sunday morning Beowulf kept wanting to go outside.  I kept telling him it was cold and snowy and he wouldn't like it but he kept yowling.  Finally I figured hey, he's a Maine Coon...he's BUILT for cold weather and decided to let him out and see how he reacted.

He raced me to the door, pushing his nose through as I opened it to the great outdoors and then stopped in his tracks.  There was snow falling at a not infrequent rate, covering the steps and blanketing the ground surrounding.  He looked at the snow and then looked at me with a rather ticked off expression.  I thought perhaps he would turn tail and head back into the house but he sat for a minute and then went nobly forward.

  He gingerly picked his way up the steps and then sat by the corner of the house and the pine tree looking at the falling snow.  It was very picturesque. I went to get my camera but sadly none of these came out nearly as pretty as it actually was.

During the day he kept wanting to go out...each time seemingly stunned by the snow falling.  He started picking his way through the snow a little bit but he always came back at a near run when he was called. 
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