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"Kitty fun!" or "2 Hs and one Gracie"

  Jump Gracie!
Went to my folks house last Friday and spent a bit of time with my niece and nephew.  They were having big fun playing with my parents new kitty.  They rescued her from my sister's neighborhood and named her "Amazing Grace" but they call her Gracie.  Big H liked to play with her on the stairs. (My favorite part of all of this was his bright red boots!)

Little Miss H liked to just chase her around.  Gracie has discovered a fun place to hide...there is a shelf under each leg of the pool table and she will curl up in it.  Edward and Wulfie both have never hid there, both of them being too big.  The only thing one can see is her tail twitching in the air when she is sitting on the shelf.  For Little H, that is an invitation to go under the pool table and play.

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