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"Update" or "Ten Things"

1.  The Move:
Wound up doing most of my moving last weekend.  I had planned initially moving midmonth but with the help of some friends got the grand majority of things moved this weekend.  I confess I was rather surprised at how quickly things went.  Wasn't really expecting so much to get done in one fell swoop.  There's probably another load to do, plus I need to clean my old place really well and square things away with the (now former) roommate. 
I had an enjoyable time while I was there but the timing works pretty well for this particular move. 

2. The New Place:
I spent much of Sunday after church putting things away and running load after load of laundry.  I'm a firm believer in Sunday being a day or rest but I also figured that getting ones house in order can be a very spiritual exercise.  It's a great litte place with freshly painted walls (with colors I got to pick!) and newly cleaned carpets.  It's the nicest place I've lived in since my studio apartment in Seattle.  I am determined to keep it clean and nice.

3. Organizing:
In one of the corners of the living room I have my file cabinet drawers as well as boxes full of ... things... that I need to go through.  Files, drawings, cartoons, art supplies, newspaper clippings, unfinished comics, photos...just...STUFF.
I have decided I want to go through all of them and get them organized and catalogued and sorted and thrown away etc... before January 1st.  I am tired of moving the same boxes from place to place.  I am going to go through them before I put them away because then they will be `out of sight, out of mind.'  I figure if I properly move in and be organized from the get go it will be that much easier to keep it organized. 

4. Productivity:
I also have this theory that once things are dealt with and I know exactly what I have and where things are it will make it that much easier to be productive.  Next year I want to do a lot more comics, a lot more animation, a lot more drawing in general.  Yes...I remember I still have a comic strip called Red Sparrow.

5. Karate:

We did grappling last night in my karate class.  After our warmups and learning a few new moves we did grappling.  The class was divided in half and we had to grapple various people on the opposite sides.  You could try to submit who you were grappling or at least stick it out and wait for a judges decision as to who won the fight.  Those that lost had to sit out and the person that won went to the back of their line for another turn.
You ALSO had the option of dragging your opponent to your side and tapping the next person on your team and THEY could wrestle the person.

I got paired opposite this 14 year old girl who was relatively new and really not that aggressive but we had worked together in the past learning various sweeps and submissions so she wasn't a complete novice.  I wrestled her to the ground and sunk a choke on her and the next thing I knew Sensei Evans had stopped the match and was asking her if she was hurt.  I was startled to see her eyes totally tear filled.  She kept saying she was okay, no problem, no she wasn't hurt...

What had happened was...

She was so startled at how aggressive I was she couldn't breathe, got scared and started to cry.  I felt so bad! 

I made a 14 year old girl cry!

6. Today there is no #6.

7. Christmas:

a. Much of my Christmasing is done though not as much as I would have liked.  I'm hoping to get quite a bit more of it done this next weekend.  Like last year much of it is going to be handmade.  The personalized sketchbooks were a hit last year and I am hoping this years present will be appreciated as well.  The less time I can spend in stores the better!  There IS a little bit of shopping left but...very little!
b. I admit I've been listening to quite a bit of Christmas music.  Deck the Halls! It doesn't feel like Christmas until I pull out the Avon collection record as well as The Muppet Christmas with John Denver.

"Piggy pudding?!"
"No Piggy, Figgy pudding.  It's made with figs."
"Oh." "...and bacon." 

c. Christmas is so much fun when there are kids in the family.  I am so looking forward to our traditional party at wyckhurst's place on Christmas eve.  That is my favorite part of Christmas.  I love spending time with my family (it seems to be the only time of the year we are all together.) and playing with the nieces and nephews and giving them their presents. 
c. Lisa will be coming out for Christmas this year and I have much to do before she gets here.
d. My ward choir will be performing in 2 weeks and while I don't think the program will be as spectacular this year as it was last I do enjoy singing. 
I expect Sunday the 24th I will spend with my folks in my home 5th ward.

8. Fitness:
Starting to feel more fit.  Also my fat girl clothes are getting loose on me.  Whew!

9. Superman: the Richard Donner cut

Trying to stay away from reviews about the Superman Donner cut though I have been a bit spoiled.  So far reviews have been mixed.  I am trying to stay philosophical about it.  Still...any scene with Christopher Reeve as Superman and Margo Kidder as Lois ... I'm just gonna be squeee over.  I have to remember that the film wasn't 100% done...they hadn't come up with another ending (they knew they had to come up with another one but then attention got shifted to finishing Superman I...and then Donner got pulled off the project,) and there wasn't any opportunity to do any pickups or anything.  Trying to think of it as more of a Superman curiousity...but I *am* excited to see it.

Sure, it's already out on DVD now...and no I haven't seen it yet...but I will.

...and I'm sure I'll tell you what I think. ;)

Also...I picked up another Superman shirt at Wal-Mart the other day. It has a retroreflective shield. How cool is that? (I should be embarrassed that I have five Superman shirts...but I don't.) </b>

10. Finances
I am closer than I thought to getting my car and my motorcycle paid off.
A partial payment in April...and I'll be all done.  Can I just SAY how excited I am to getting out from that debt?  Holy, holy cow.  Makes me want to cry I'm so excited.
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