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Way hey, just an ordinary day...

...Our story so far

So far, painted 3 backgrounds, went for a run (man I suck!) and popped by the plasma center. There are a couple of people that work there I'm pretty sure are vibing me but I am known to be overly cheezy and charming to total strangers and maybe they're just dishing it back out. I'm all for making people who are going to be poking hurty things into me laugh and be my friend.

I had to think long and hard about getting back into the plasma business but this new place is infinitely more preferable than the last. They're quick, clean, they laugh at my cartoons (which is the surest way to my heart and that extra $45.00 a week is better than a kick in the teeth. Also I know it does good things and helps a lot of people. They get my plasma, I help people, I get paid and while I'm there I get to write or read or draw. It's a win win win, right? Steven Covey would be so proud.

I'm off to run a few errands and then head to Farmington to raid the familial garden. Few things in life are better than home grown tomatoes. When I left on the mission the one thing I really asked for at the airport were some home grown tomatoes to take with me into the wilds of DC South.

Plans for the rest of the day?:
Sams Club (where I will refrain from buying a barrel of X-TREEEEEEME Cheezy Poofs!)
Half hour of coronet practice (yay for scales. I need to get me a music stand)
Finish painting the backgrounds
Possibly cajole Joey into a game of 2 man cutthroat at the apartment. I'm very rusty and amazonchyck thinks she can kick my trash at pool.

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