Jett (jatg) wrote,

"Pictures from Thanksgiving" or "Did I mention I got a new camera?  Well, I did."

  Cabin in the Woods

Lisa's mom had found this campsite/cabinsite that was having a sale before Thanksgiving and wondered if her charming daughter and I wanted to go.  I couldn't get a really good look at it as we arrived that night a little after 10:00.  The stars were stunning though and the check in clerk told us not to linger too long outside as the bears were out.  I think if Lisa had had her druthers we might have sat out for a while on the porch to see if we could actually see any.  I however was COLD. 

We found the place and went in.  It was quite cute with two twin beds.  Her parents had already arrived and were on the other side of the cabin.  We got settled and since it had been a really long day and a long drive we promptly went to bed.

The next morning I got a better look at the place.  It really was a cute little cabin that turned out have both  hot and cold running water with a good sized shower to boot.  I *would* like to go backpacking some day but I really did enjoy that little snug place.  I thought my mom would really like it.  Must go back at some point.

Of course the next morning as we entered the park we had to stop and get our picture by the entrace sign.

(Note to self:  Stick with the karate.  You've got a few pounds to go girlfriend.)

Course now that I've BEEN to Yosemite I have a better idea of what I'm looking at with the entrace sign.  There's El Capitan to the left and off in the distance is Half Dome, named for obvious reasons.

It was a classic November sky, devoid of color and the sun provided no help in creating shadow and depth.  Very few pictures I snapped came out the way I wanted them to but I do like this one I got of Lisa standing on a rock getting ready to take a picture of Half Dome in the distance. 

We also stopped at Bridal Veil and I caught some of the falls as a movie for hopefully animation reference later.  Again, the lighting not being as decent as I would have liked none of the pictures came out the way I had hoped. 

At the base of the falls after a harrowing hike/climb closer (mostly because my shoes had no purchase on the soap slick rock) Lisa pointed out to me on the front of a rock was the shape of a fish.  It was actually really neat and it looks more like a fish at a front angle but I like this shot better.

  I like the spray of the water and the way the light catches it.  It reallly feels like a captured split of time.

  I also like this shot of Lisa and her parents looking up pointing out a bird floating around at the falls.  There's so much personality to these people and I think the shot gets a wee bit of it.

Bad Directions:

We spent some time driving around the park when we came to a T in the road.  In the middle of the "T" sat these two signs.  We stared dumbfounded for a moment and then turned right.  Hee.

Soon after this Lisa and I sadly left the park to drive to Monteray to pick up PFC Atwood whom I hadn't seen since we dropped him off at a hotel in Salt Lake in June. 

It was a beautiful drive and I got to see some more of California.  I really like the places where the people are packed in like sardines.  I swear, San Francisco is one dropped match away from disaster.  Freaks me out to see houses so close to each other.

It was dark by the time we finally collected Lawrence and then headed north to San Francisco.  Her parents had already arrived.  Lisa dragged a mattress up for Lawrence to sleep on in a nook in the kitchen (hey, he had no complaints!) and she and I pulled out the futon in the front room.  There were a lot of kids in the tub but it had been a long day and we all promptly went to bed.

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