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"Viva Las Vegas" or "Sittin' in the lobby, watchin' all the travelers go byyyy..."

I'm sitting in the Las Vegas airport. The flight from SLC to here was my favorite kind. Uneventful. That is my standard quip to the flight attendants and pilots as I stroll off. "Thank you for an uneventful flight." It's a guaranteed smile bringer.

And wouldja believe there's free wireless here? Verra nice, thank you so much. That's something I think should be a standard at all airports. Since we get to pay extra in taxes for the pleasure of our stuff being rifled through, stripped down, felt up and now have the additional War on Moisture to vex all interpid travelers, the least they could do is give us access to teh internets while we're herded like sheep.

I wonder if it doesn't have something to do with all the bright, shiny, noisy machines to my left. Most are vacant but there are a few people sitting in front, feeding the quarters and blinking on occassion. If I am being subsidized by them so I can have free internet here, thank you so much.

Gambling and smoking are taxes for the dumb.

Lisa is picking me up from Oakland and then we'll be traveling to Yosemite. I am excited to say the least. I have no idea what it is like this time of year but since I've never been I expect I will enjoy myself immensely.

I've also enjoyed playing with my new camera. I've been doing some of the reading of the manuel on the flight. There are a zillion bells and whistles...most of which I'd prefer to do afterwards in Photoshop anyway. But still, very cool.

I also got to talk with pheonix_jade last night. Looks like we will be collecting him for Thanksgiving though I need to talk with Lisa and her parents on how to best make that happen. It's more than a little out of the way to get him...but it's sure closer than Salt Lake.

HE, being the lunatic that he is, wants to go shopping at 12:01 am on Black Friday. I'm not too enthused about that idea.

1. I'm getting over a nasty, nasty cold and I'm desperately trying to at least keep it under control this week. I don't think going shopping at midnight is going to really help my constitution.
2. *I* don't have a lot of shopping I even want to DO for Christmas this year. My big purchase, I already got. *snaps a picture.*

However, because he is my baby brother and I will do almost anything for him, I suppose we'll go shopping and wind up having a great time.

LAST year the day after Thanksgiving I went fabric shopping with my mom and her friend at 6:00 am. I got sicker and sicker through the day and wound up that evening being violentally ill. I lost 9 lbs in 18 hours. I was so dehydrated it hurt to blink my eyes.

Lets not have a repeat of that, okay body? Thanks!

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